Sunday, October 25, 2009

Horseshoes and Handgrenades:

We're "very close" to 60? You know what I'd like to see--I'd like to see Reid put the most robust public option available in the Senate Bill and dare the wavering one or two "moderate" Dems to publicly filibuster with the Republicans and Snowe. I'd like to see less brownian motion in the caucus and a straight up head count--in or out, now, with the President's stated preference, the House's stated preference and what's best for the American People--a robust public option capable of becoming single payer sooner rather than later. Yes, a fantasy--because although the President campaigned on the "public option" and says he's for it he has not put down any markers on it--has made no offers or trades (publicly) to get the Public Option into the Senate Bill. We've seen him and Rahm lean heavily on the Progressives to accept triggers, or co-ops, or anything but a real Public Option. But we've never heard him say boo to the wavering dems--among whom one has to count Baucus, Conrad, Landrieu, Lieberman (I-Votes With Us On Everything But the War--or Not), Reid himself, etc...etc...etc... What is he keeping his powder dry for? Is a "great miracle" really going to happen in the Conference when apparently none of the Democrats *other* than the despised progressives show the slightest sign of wanting a robust public option? Stay tuned, but don't get your hopes up. At this point the refusal of the President to step forward and pressure the wavering one or two democratic votes for cloture is a really bad sign. If he's not willing to fight hard to get the best Senate Bill into conference what makes everyone so sure he will finally show some spine during the Conference?


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