Sunday, October 11, 2009

Peggers Loses Her Shit--Doesn't So Much As Drop The Other Shoe as Heave It Through the Window.

Read it and weep. Apparently, Obama doesn't deserve the Peace Prize because Norwegians have nose hair. No, wait, he doesn't deserve it because we already got a Peace Prize for Al Gore's work on the Internet. Obama's no inventor, he's a lover. Worse, he's young. Peace is no country for young men. No, wait, he doesn't deserve it because the Norwegians gave it to him because he hates America and he knows that they know that he knows it so if he wants to prove he doesn't hate America he needs to refuse it. Accepting it only proves how much they hate us. But a double jointed diplomatic jiu-jitsu move--sending real Americans in the form of the mothers of dead American Peace Fighters--will rebuke their dastardly schemes. The logic of this all is impeccable. War is the opposite of Peace so only someone like, say, Regan or Bush who were willing to kill a lot of people can ever get credit for silencing the guns. Or something.


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