Sunday, October 11, 2009

Interesting That This Comes From a Woman:

The Time article on the Obama White House inexplicably refers to Obama, whose closest advisor is Valerie Jarrett and whose secretary of State is a woman as operating in an all boy's club except for this woman. But look at this:

As a mother — who plans to transition to a new job later this year in order to spend more time with her 13-year-old son — Dunn is a rarity in the almost all-boys club that is Obama's inner circle. But her impact on the White House has been unmistakable. Since her arrival, the communications operation has been tightly refocused, with greater emphasis on planning ahead to shape the news cycle and controlling staff contacts with the press. In daily internal meetings, she points out where to strike back or admit error.

It is not hard to awaken her fiercer instincts. "Here in the White House, you are reluctant to feel like you have to go to that place," she says. "But we have to be more aggressive rather than just sit back and defend ourselves, because they will say anything. They will take any small thing and distort it." In other words, after eight months at the White House, the days of nonpartisan harmony are long gone — it's Us against Them. And the Obama Administration is playing to win.

The architect of the new, more savvy, bully focused media strategy is a woman and a mother. Wonder how that plays in to her viewpoint.

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