Monday, October 26, 2009

Ponies Revealed:

A commenter over at Balloon Juice explains it all. In re Fred Hiatt's new line of attack on the Public Option.

El Cruzado

The magic pony fallacy is a favorite of concern trolls and gasbag pundits everywhere. It does come in two variants:

– The “Secret Pony” variant states that we shouldn’t do Something, but rather follow my Secret Ponies for everyone plan that won’t be detailed in even the vaguest terms.
– The “Timmy Gets No Pony” variant states that we shouldn’t do Something, because Something fails to give a pony to absolutely everyone, including Timmy. Rather we should stick with the Pony Shit for Most status quo.

No points for whoever guesses which one is the one deployed here.

Note: this "two ponies" theory clearly advances our understanding of concern trolling generally. See also "Why won't Feminism get me a date?" and the ever popular "black people can be racists too!"

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