Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is Lieberman In, or Out?

Today in Politico:

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said Tuesday that he’d back a GOP filibuster of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s health care reform bill.

Lieberman, who caucuses with Democrats and is positioning himself as a fiscal hawk on the issue, said he opposes any health care bill that includes a government-run insurance program — even if it includes a provision allowing states to opt out of the program, as Reid’s has said the Senate bill will.

"We're trying to do too much at once," Lieberman said. “To put this government-created insurance company on top of everything else is just asking for trouble for the taxpayers, for the premium payers and for the national debt. I don’t think we need it now."

Digby is hearing that he won't filibuster and is hopeful that Blanche can be threatened with losing her Ag Chairmanship. But if the Dems were actually playing hardball with the Senate Caucus on anything we wouldn't be hearing this kind of outright hostility from Lieberman.

Its not over, not by a long shot.


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