Wednesday, July 15, 2009


On Fox in about an hour:

Admittedly, I'm a little confused by the prose. (Is Sarah Palin writing this copy?) I stumble over "scores on," and then I'm not sure about "appearance" -- is it as in "appearance before the committee," or is Miller, who is not exactly Adonis, going to critique her, um, appearance? If it's the latter, I'm in pain already, just anticipating it.


UPDATE: Well, he got seven and a half minutes and didn't get to Sotomayor until the last minute or so. O'Reilly actually admires her -- "I think she's a good woman." Miller almost approaches Coburn territory, referring to the confirmation-hearing ritual as a "brain-dead samba," but he has a different axe to grind:

... I think the Republicans misplayed this. This is a tradeout for Souter, who was Bush 41's gack. This was lateral move on the flowchart: liberal for liberal. They shoulda laid down on this and accrued some street cred in the barrio with the Hispanic vote, which they need to start nicking away at. They shoulda got so behind this woman right off the bat. You've gotta save the powder for the Stevens thing. It's gonna be four-four. The Stevens seat is the one you have to save the powder for, and mis -- I think they're misplaying this. I woulda got so behind her. I woulda said, "Listen, after they shot down our Hispanic, Miguel Estrada, 'cause they didn't care about him, we're happy they're putting a Hispanic in. God bless her!" And then the Hispanic community is going, "Maybe I am gonna vote for them in oh-ten."

"Oh-ten," I think, is 20010, which is 18,001 years away. Maybe Hispanics will be voting GOP by then.

And yes, he did actually imagine Republicans garnering "street cred in the barrio."

Bonus Millerism, on Sarah Palin:

Do you think Barack Obama ... how touchy would he have been if he had to face what that woman had to face for the last eleven months?

Yes -- it's unimaginable!

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