Thursday, July 02, 2009


I'm sure you already know about The Washington Post's now-aborted plan to sell fat cats access to government officials and Post writers and editors at a "salon" held at the home of the Post's publisher and CEO, Katharine Weymouth.

It's a disgrace that the Post was going to do this, and it's not surprising that a number of bloggers would reach for the word "pimp" in an attempt to describe what was being proposed. But it took Michelle Malkin to refer to the Posties responsible as "mack daddies," and to accompany the story (and a story she decided was related, about ticket fees for the Michael Jackson memorial service) with this illustration:

See, this isn't about a wealthy media heiress-slash-executive offering a cushy deal to masters of the universe. It's not about the powerful getting ever chummier with the powerful. It's about ... well, you know. The party in power is the Democratic Party. And the president is ... geez, do I have to draw you a map?


To the crazies on the right, you're naive if you don't understand that everything is all part of one big conspiracy -- that Obama is so evil he embodies all possible evils, even seemingly contradictory ones: communism and fascism, incompetence and a carefully executed sinister master plan, enabling Wall Street sleazebags and enabling ACORN. Just as liberalism is fascism and all the sinners saints, a gathering like the one the Post was planning, which would have taken advantage of Obama's massive soft spot for our corporate and financial overlords, is going to be blamed, by the right at least, on liberalism. Because evil is liberalism -- whatever is liberal is evil, and whatever is evil is liberal. (And, I guess, black.)

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