Monday, July 27, 2009


Forget Obama's birth certificate -- Rupert Murdoch is endorsing a whole new conspiracy theory:

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This is Murdoch validating a NewsBusters post that's pure speculation (Sarah Palin, please turn away from your own navel long enough to note that this happens to people other than you):

A recent New York Post story brought up a point about the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. that few in the Old Media have paid much attention to. Apparently, Gates has since the arrest announced he is in the early stages of involvement in a PBS TV series on civil rights in America. It is odd that this single fact has not been a focus of much discussion.

After all, if Gates is about to start a TV show about civil rights, what better way to punch up that participation than to "suddenly" get mixed up in a national civil rights "abuse" case? What better way to highlight America's civil rights problem than to become a nationally known victim of so-called racism?

Why is no one asking how long Gates has been in the planning stages of this TV show? Was he planning it since
before the arrest? It all leads one to wonder if Gates saw an opportunity to gin up interest in his TV appearance by becoming a victim? Instead of experiencing any actual racial tension, did Gates invent his own ready-made, sensational incident to turn his scholarly civil rights discussion into the quintessential TV reality show extravaganza? Was all this just a TV stunt in Gates' mind? Was it mere opportunism? ...

Right -- a short, bookish guy pushing 60 who just had a hip replacement would risk being the next Rodney King, if not Amadou Diallo ... for ratings.

Yeah, schmuck, that makes a lot of sense.

The Fox Nation page above also links to a World Net Daily story that asks why the 911 caller, who apparently works down the hall from Gates, didn't recognize him in daylight. (Um, maybe she didn't see his face because he was turned facing the house he was struggling to enter?) (UPDATE: As The Boston Globe is reporting, the woman "saw the backs of both men and did not know their race when she called 911.")

Even the low-rent WND doesn't actually offer any theories as to why the caller didn't recognize Gates. But Fox Nation, part of the empire of the respectable media mogul Murdoch, certainly does: by linking the WND story under the heading "Did Gates PLAN His Arrest?" Fox Nation implicates the caller in a conspiracy to get Gates arrested for ratings.

Reprehensible. Utterly reprehensible. If I were the 911 caller, I'd seriously be considering a lawsuit right now.

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