Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Question asked by Time's Jay Newton-Small in a new interview with Sarah Palin:

When you resigned from the AOGCC [Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission], that was a huge catapult for you. Do you think this might catapult you as well? Or do you see it as kind of a selfless move, more for the state than for you?

Gosh, Sarah, was what you did brilliant? Or incredibly noble? Because, really, those are the only two possible ways of describing it -- don't you agree?

Ladies and gentlemen, your liberal media.


I also like this:

You sound a lot like someone, campaigning for other candidates, perhaps fundraising for them, who's going to run in 2012. Is that an interest?

I honestly
[pausing to brush Piper's cheeks, who has come back in the room] don't know....

That's exactly how it appears in the transcript.

Refs successfully worked.

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