Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Found at Free Republic a little while ago, apparently from the site of L.A. talk-radio station KABC:

Mark Levin to broadcast real time mocking rebuttal to Obama healthcare speech 5pm PDT

As President Barack Obama, the man who continues to refuse to produce a real birth certificate for public inspection, gives his health care speech today, Mark Levin is ready to take him to task.

Levin will counter the speech as it is being delivered. It should be great, insightful (to the left, that's inciteful) talk radio at its very best.

Oh, terrific -- he's going to yell at the TV for an hour.

That's going to be some high-quality professional radio, isn't it?

I think he should go the whole nine yards and do it wearing a wifebeater, boxer shorts, and black socks, all while drinking Old Milwaukee from the can.

I imagine it's going to be kind of like this, except nastier, stupider, and not the least bit amusing:

(Video via Phil Nugent.)

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