Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I suppose I should have seen this coming. Here's the lead item right now at Fox Nation right now:

This leads to an editorial from Investor's Business Daily -- which has, by the way, an editorial pag that's even more right-wing than The Wall Street Journal's, if you can imagine that:

Reparations By Way Of Health Care Reform

Still believe in post-racial politics? Read the health care bill. It's affirmative action on steroids, deciding everything from who becomes a doctor to who gets treatment on the basis of skin color.

...At a press conference with minority journalists last fall, candidate Obama was pressed for more detail on his reparations position. He said he was more interested in taking action to help people who were just getting by. Because many of them are minorities, he said, that would help the same people who would benefit from reparations.

"If we have a program, for example, of universal health care, that will disproportionally affect people of color, because they are disproportionally uninsured," Obama said.

This may be a goal of Obama's health care plan: the redress of health care disparities on the basis of race....

That's right -- and if we have universal health care, only non-white people who didn't previously have health care will receive it, because uninsured white people aren't part of the universe.

In his health care plan published during the campaign, it was written that Obama and Biden will "challenge the medical system to eliminate inequities in health care by requiring hospitals and health plans to collect, analyze and report health care quality for disparity populations and holding them accountable for any differences found."

... The racial grievance industry under health care reform could be calling the shots in the emergency room, the operating room, the medical room, even medical school....

Yup -- even though the quote says nothing about race, even though white people in, say, rural areas could easily be members of "disparity populations," the mind-readers at IBD know what this really means: Kill whitey.

All this bears more than a passing resemblance to a Glenn Beck diatribe from last week:

...Here's The One Thing: Everything getting pushed through Congress -- including this health care bill -- is transforming America. And it's all driven by President Obama's thinking on one idea: reparations....


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: If we have a program, for example, of universal health care, that will disproportionately affect people of color, because they're disproportionately uninsured, if we've got an agenda that says every child in America should get -- should be able to go to college, regardless of income, that will disproportionately affect people of color, because it's oftentimes our children who can't afford to go to college.


He believes in all the "universal" programs because they "disproportionately affect" people of color.

... Written in the 1,000-plus page bill that no one will read before they vote on it, is a provision that if say, a medical school or other health related institution, pursued a grant or other contract from the government, they would have to prove their inclusiveness of minorities.

On pages 881-882 of the bill it states: "The secretary (of Health and Human Services) shall give preference to entities that have a demonstrated record of the following:

• Training individuals who are from underrepresented minority groups or disadvantaged backgrounds

• A high rate of placing graduates in practice settings having the principal focus of serving in underserved areas or populations experiencing health disparities

• Supporting teaching programs that address the health care needs of vulnerable populations"

Vulnerable populations?

This could have been written by ACORN....

Yeah -- in a political debate expressly about the unequal distribution of health care, what possible purpose could it serve to identify "vulnerable populations"?

These people are determined to win by any means necessary. They're certainly not going to to be too fastidious to deal this card from the bottom of the deck.

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