Sunday, July 05, 2009

I hate to keep bringing up Sarah Palin, but this passage from Phillip Rucker's big piece on the David Caruso of American politics deserves to be set in stone before some sane editor erases it from the online edition of the Washington Post:

Not one to fit comfortably into convention -- and not comfortable being a victim, either

No, no one who has followed Palin's career, who saw her speech Friday, and who since then has authorized the issuing of threats against those who would speculate on the reasons for her departure, could ever dream of accusing this woman of being "comfortable" with the role of "victim"; it would be like saying that Charles Barkley isn't a delicate wallflower, or suggesting that maybe the Unabomber could have used some grooming tips. The lobbyists who are no longer going to be able to purchase such deep insights as the Post's editors and reporters could provide really dodged a bullet.

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