Thursday, July 09, 2009


Mark your calendars, folks, so we can snicker when nothing comes of this:

Oh, that's genius. Not working or spending money? In the midst of the worst recession in half a century? What a brilliant way to stand out in the crowd. It's sort of like staging a hunger strike at an eating disorders clinic.

But sometimes a general strike can be a brilliant strategy -- hey, we've staged quite a few moratoriums to end the Iraq War, and look how successful we've been! There are no U.S. troops in Iraq whatsoever now! Or anywhere else in the region! Mission accomplished!

Well, I'm not surprised to see this -- I've told you for months that the right is giddily adopting the left's most ineffective strategies, and here we go again. (Yeah, I know the right will claim "going Galt" as Ayn Rand's invention, but she was the original wingnut proponent of me-too-ism, obviously appropriating the notion of the general strike from proletarians, laborers, and other have-nots.) But hey, kids -- entertain yourselves with the notion that a few hundred of you taking paid personal days and not heading out to the strip mall for a six of Old Milwaukee is going to stick it to The Man. I won't stop you.

(Via ShortsandPants, where the planned demo is greeted with this question: "What will Krispy Kreme do without their business?")

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