Thursday, July 23, 2009

(except when they don't)

Michelle Malkin had a post this morning titled "The Anti-Police Bigotry of the Left." Presumably she wrote this because she, as a right-winger, has unquestioning respect for the police. Presumably, when officers make a mistake while acting in good faith, she invariably takes their side.


Not last February she didn't. Remember this?

The police officers who stopped Oklahoma City motorist Chip Harrison and confiscated a sign from his car told him he has a right to his beliefs, but the Secret Service "could construe this as a threat against President Obama," according to the incident report released this morning.

The sign, which read "Abort Obama Not the Unborn," was returned to Harrison later that day, the report said.

Police spokesman Steve McCool said this morning that the sign was taken in error, and Oklahoma City residents should not be worried that their First Amendment rights will be violated....

The Secret Service subsequently searched Harrison's home (in a manner he described as "very cordial").

Malkin, the great champion of law enforcement officers everywhere, showed her support for the police back then by putting up a post entitled "Crushing of Dissent in the Age of Obama."

Her ideological soul mates were equally unsupportive. Gateway Pundit wrote:

don't criticize Dear Leader or you may get arrested.

Cold Fury's response:

This is what dissent in Obama's New Soviet Socialist Republic of Amerika will get you

(in a post titled "Building the O!gulags, One Small Brick at a Time").

Glenn Reynolds quoted a critique of a UCLA report on hate speech:

" ... once political criticism of those in power is defined as hate speech, what's left of the First Amendment?"

And added:

That seems to be the position of the Oklahoma City police.

And Rusty at the Jawa Report wrote:

If I've got the story right, Chip Harrison was pulled over by an Oklahoma City police officer because he had a sign reading, "Abort Obama Not the Unborn" sign in it. The sign was confiscated by the officer who apparently thought it was some kind of threat on the President's life.

How any one with an IQ over 100 could construe that as a threat is mystifying.

"IQ over 100"?

Is Rusty saying the cop acted, er ... stupidly?

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