Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Now that the muckamucks of talk radio actually pose the biggest threat to the Beltway Establishment's desire to keep Republicans in power in D.C. forever, expect the elite media to suddenly discover, and announce to the world, that talk radio exists and is frequently not very nice.

For approximately two decades, right-wing radio talkers have been able to exercise their influence with almost no scrutiny from the MSM. But that's likely to change soon. As if out of nowhere, appalling radio moments that we on the left have been talking about for years are going to show up in TV news stories and newsmagazine cover articles and op-eds by A-list pundits; the disgust at the talkers' behavior is going to be so great that you'll think the journalists and pundits must be talking about angry lefties on the Internet.

Of course, none of this will happen if the talkers get with the McCain program and go back to slandering and Swift-boating their usual targets: Democrats, liberals, the mainstream media itself. If the talkers behave and help drive McCain to a solid lead, no matter how reprehensible their tactics, they'll do so completely under the mainstream-press radar.

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