Thursday, February 28, 2008


Digby, posting about John McCain's apology for "Hussein"-baiter Bill Cunningham, who warmed up that Tennessee crowd for him:

From the comments comes an apt analogy, which I missed. Cunningham is this season's Sistah Soljah.

But that's not quite accurate. The truth is, the press is treating McCain's entire campaign as a Sister Souljah moment. As a candidate, he is being portrayed as a living, breathing 24/7 refutation of the likes of Bill Cunningham (despite the fact that, as Digby notes, the McCain campaign told Cunningham to give the crowd "red meat"), George W. Bush (despite the fact that McCain will Xerox Bush's policies on the war and the economy), and Rush Limbaugh (despite the fact that Limbaugh has made it clear he wants Republicans to win this election).

The political establishment praised a Clinton moment. The same establishment discusses the McCain campaign as if every moment is praiseworthy -- as if it's an act of bravery on McCain's part just to get up in the morning and campaign. And it's only going to get worse.

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