Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Rush Limbaugh, in a Time magazine interview:

And [Reagan] didn't have the Senate for most of his eight [years]. Look what he did. He got his tax cuts through — a number of things. It can be done.

In fact, Republicans controlled the Senate for six of Reagan's eight years in office. They gained Senate control in the 1980 elections and didn't lose it until the 1986 midterms.


Bonus Rush quote:

The second thing that the media doesn't understand -- and I think it's because talk radio is outside the Beltway. It's a phenomenon that attracts what I call the people who make the country work. I don't think politicians and elected officials and bureaucrats and even the media are responsible for the greatness of the country. I think it's individual Americans laboring in anonymity, not seeking fame, just trying to get by, play by the rules, work hard, ordinary people doing extraordinary things. And those are the people that listen to talk radio.

Dude, your show is on in the middle of the workday -- noon to three Eastern time. Your fans can't be working all that freakin' hard.

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