Friday, February 22, 2008


You probably know that Barack Obama got applause at a campaign rally for blowing his nose. Fox News took the high road as usual:

Responding to a video clip of Sen. Barack Obama saying, "I'm going to blow my nose here for a second," followed by the audience cheering, Fox News Washington correspondent James Rosen then said, "That kind of spontaneous affection Chairman Mao only dreamed of."

But you really need to savor a tiny detail lovingly worked into the setup (emphasis mine):

ROSEN: The adoration, the immense crowd, the chanting -- it's all part of what lazy headline writers call "Obama-mania." But if Barack Obama's frenzied fans and fundraising success, his elevation in the delegate count and in the hearts of intellectuals don't convince you the phenomenon is real, look no farther than supporters' reaction in Dallas on Wednesday, when the candidate famous for his soaring oratory performed the most mundane of human bodily functions.

OBAMA: Going to blow my nose here for a second.

ROSEN: That kind of spontaneous affection Chairman Mao only dreamed of....

Yup -- this isn't just a commie personality cult, it's a personality cult made up of commie intellectuals. That's the most dangerous kind!

And no, I don't think the applause is all that weird. Hell, at Woodstock they cheered the guy whose land they were on when he came out and said, "I'm a farmer...." There was never a totalitarian personality cult surrounding Max Yasgur.


OH, AND: I'm surprised no one's accused Obama of plagiarizing DJ Kool.

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