Thursday, February 21, 2008


From the Politico:

... Laura Ingraham, another influential conservative radio host, asserted that the Times waited until McCain was on the brink of the Republican presidential nomination and now is seeking to "contaminate" him with an article that she calls "absurd" and "ridiculous."

... Ingraham began her show this morning with a brief dig at McCain's years of cozying up to the mainstream media, but then declared: "You wait until it's pretty much beyond a doubt that he's going to be the Republican nominee, and then you let it drop -- drop some acid in the pool, contaminate the whole pool. That's what The New York Times thinks." ...

You're right, Laura -- "it's pretty much beyond a doubt that he's going to be the Republican nominee." But it's not completely beyond a doubt -- he's still 273 delegates short of a guaranteed first-ballot victory.

Isn't this the huge break you've been dreaming of, Laura? Come on -- what are you and Rush and Sean and all the other conservatively correct McCain-haters waiting for? Isn't this your chance to rally your troops and deny Maverick Man a first-ballot victory? Why aren't you telling them to vote Huckabee in the upcoming contests -- or Romney, or whoever the hell's on the ballot who's not McCain?

Brokered convention, baby! And then you guys take over the joint! Hey, Laura, maybe Rush will get the nomination and make you his running mate! How can you pass up a golden opportunity like this?


From the same Politico article:

...Greg Mueller, a veteran Republican strategist, said conservatives would side with McCain against the paper they love to hate.

“The New York Times is trying to swift-boat McCain,” Mueller said....

That's a curious thing for Mueller to say, in light of this:

Greg Mueller is President of CRC Public Relations, and former senior aide to Republican Presidential Candidates Pat Buchanan and Steve Forbes. Mueller also spearheaded communications for the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

So let's see: Mueller worked for the Swift Boat guys, which means he presumably thinks they were telling the truth. Now he says the Times "is trying to swift-boat McCain." Is that his cryptic way of confirming the truthfulness of the Times story?


UPDATE: Link fixed.

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