Tuesday, February 12, 2008


According to Commentary blogger Daniel Casse, Barack Obama should just stop all this winning because it's only going to hurt his candidacy:

Is victory coming too easily for Obama? What we are seeing tonight is the possibility that the entire Clinton edifice is collapsing far more quickly than anyone imagined.... if Obama's victory becomes a foregone conclusion over the next few days, he will have lost the most powerful weapon in his arsenal: his battle against the incumbent Democratic establishment. So long as Obama was in a tight race with Clinton, he could continue to polish his reputation as the man struggling to change the status quo.... Clinton has been a perfect foil for him. That stage of the campaign is almost over, and Obama may soon wish he still had the Clintons to kick around for a while longer.

The possibility that there might be, y'know, an incumbent Republican establishment for Obama to run against, one that actually constitutes the real status quo in American politics, has apparently never occurred to Casse.

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