Saturday, February 09, 2008


But ... but ... but I thought all the good people in Iraq were mutually supportive and peaceful and happy now:

America's Sunni allies go on strike in Iraq's Diyala province

Members of U.S.-allied citizen brigades, which are credited with helping to tamp down violence in many parts of Iraq, went on strike Friday in Diyala province, alleging that the provincial police chief there is running a death squad.

... Abu Mina, one of the leaders of the citizens groups in Diyala, northeast of Baghdad, said his group demanded the resignation of Gen. Ghanim al Quraishi three days ago and had given authorities evidence that Quraishi was involved in death-squad activities. Mina also accused seven police officers of kidnapping, raping and killing two women in a village north of Diyala earlier this week.

... The citizens groups also are demanding that the heavily Shiite police force be remade into one that reflects the composition of the mixed Sunni-Shiite province, that detained people not convicted of crimes be released and that Sunnis who return to Shiite-dominated areas from which they've been displaced be protected....

But we're still winning, of course.

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