Friday, February 15, 2008


Peggy Noonan almost has the Hillary Derangement Syndrome in check:

... In Virginia last Sunday, two days before the Little Tuesday voting, she suggested her problem is that she's not a big phony. "People say to me all the time, 'You're so specific.... Why don't you just come and, you know, really just give us one of those great rhetorical flourishes and then, you know, get everybody all whooped up.' "

When she said it, I thought it might be a sign that Mrs. Clinton was beginning to accept the idea that she might lose. I thought it was a way of explaining to others--a way of explaining to herself--why things hadn't worked. A riff that wasn't a riff but a marker, a rationale for a loss, an explanation of why she failed that could be archived by television producers--Hillary on the trail, 2/10/08--and retrieved the day she concedes....

I thought it an acknowledgement that loss might come.

That's actually fairly astute -- and shocking, because it may be the first time Noonan has ever acknowledged that Hillary is capable of a non-sociopathic response to anything whatsoever.

But then Noonan's derangement kicks back in:

But by Thursday afternoon, Mrs. Clinton was furiously stumping through Ohio using the same line of attack, but this time it wasn't a marker. The race is about "speeches versus solutions." Her unnamed opponent stands for the first, she for the second. He is all "words," she is "action." "Words are cheap," she said.

Gosh -- no possible way it could be both, is there, Peggy? There's simply no possible way that Hillary Clinton -- up against a guy who has all the momentum, yet still a mere 42 47 delegates behind, and trailing 50%-49% (with Edwards at 1%) -- could be cushioning herself in anticipation of a loss and still trying to win? That's utterly unimaginable, right?

The new Clinton meme on the right, a corollary to "will do anything to win," is "can't endure losing, at least not without settng off a bloodbath." And the evidence of that is ... she's still campaigning! The psycho!

And even though I voted for Obama, I'm not going to join the pile-on, because I know that if Obama wins the nomination, he's next.

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