Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Last night, John Podhoretz was in despair:

...the exit polls are disastrous. They had McCain in a tie in Arizona. He's won the state by 20 points. It was the exit polls that said McCain was in trouble in Arizona because of his stand on immigration. This suggests the polltakers were once again taken in by partisans who eagerly sought them out to skew the exits their way. Or that the poll takers were themselves in on it.

Or maybe Rush et al. made Republican voters reluctant to tell pollsters that they weren't going to do the conservatively correct thing and vote for Romney?

Let's see -- when voters lie to pollsters and won't give a promised vote to a black candidate, it's called the Bradley Effect. What's it called when voters lie about their willingness to vote for an obscenely rich white guy? The J. Bradley Huffingworth III Effect?


(Actually, the exit polls had McCain up by 5 in Arizona, and he won by 14.)

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