Sunday, February 24, 2008


Taylor Marsh and Jeralyn Merritt were delighted by Tina Fey's pro-Hillary Clinton "bitch is the new black" monologue on last night's Saturday Night Live. And, y'know, arguing that a tough dame like Hillary can get things done is valid -- I'm ready to back Hillary if she's the nominee.

But Tina Fey wasn't just being pro-Hillary. She was being pro-Hillary and anti-Barack Obama. And if you think she might vote Republican in November if Obama is the nominee, well, you're probably right.

In fact, it's possible she might vote Republican even with Hillary in the race. Consider this, from a September '07 New York Times profile of Fey:

... In another episode, in which [Fey's 30 Rock character] Liz reflects on things about herself that others wouldn't know, she says, "There is an 80 percent chance" that she will "tell all my friends I'm voting for Barack Obama, but I will secretly vote for John McCain."

Ms. Fey, who wrote that line, said it was semi-autobiographical, a way of "admitting I have a lot of liberal feelings, but I also live in New York, and I want to feel safe, and I secretly kind of want Giuliani."

Sorry, folks -- if that's how Tina Fey feels, we are not on the same political wavelength at all, and I'll get my voting advice elsewhere, thank you.

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