Thursday, February 14, 2008


David Broder in today's Washington Post:

The voters' message is getting through ... in changing the mind-set of Washington.

The clearest evidence of the change is what happened last week on the economic stimulus bill. A week ahead of their self-imposed deadline, the House and Senate, by overwhelming votes, sent to President Bush almost exactly the kind of relief measure he had sought for the staggering economy.

It was a dramatic reversal of the gridlock that had characterized executive-congressional relations throughout 2007, and it reflects the recognition by both Republicans and Democrats of the public disenchantment with official Washington that has been one of the dominant themes of the 2008 presidential campaign....

The hell it does. The only thing it reflects is the fact that when the plutocrat Masters of the Universe are in trouble, it automatically becomes the government's top priority to try to restore their financial stability. (Your financial situation doesn't really matter; it's only supposed to get better so theirs can.)

Now that Washington has seen to their needs, we will return shortly to your regularly scheduled gridlock, routinely punctuated by your regularly scheduled Bush administration naked power grabs.

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