Saturday, January 06, 2007


After reading this report at Corrente and this one at MSNBC about the jolly joint appearance of Joe Lieberman and John McCain at the American Enterprise Institute yesterday (in which the two expressed their support for "victory" in Iraq and seemed to support an even bigger, longer-lived "surge" than the president is planning), I really believe that McCain might pick Holy Joe as his running mate if he manages to get the GOP nomination. (MSNBC: "From their camaraderie at Friday's AEI event, McCain seemed to have at least one vote for 2008: Lieberman.")

I don't know what voters would think of a McCain/Lieberman ticket, but I warn you: If it happens, the response in the political press will be like the restaurant scene in When Harry Met Sally -- except the reporters won't be faking.

(Corrente link via Attaturk, guest-blogging for Atrios.)

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