Monday, January 29, 2007


So everybody's shocked that Lieberman said on Fox News Sunday that he might support a Republican in '08? I told you he was saying things like that two weeks ago.

The appropriate follow-up question is "Given the fact that your litmus test seems to be how close a candidate comes to your position on Iraq, is there any Democrat you could imagine supporting in '08? And if so, who?"

I want to hear him answer that. I want names -- or one name, or an admission that he can't provide a name. I want him to either (a) burn his bridges with his GOP fan base by actually singling out a Democrat he could support (highly unlikely) or (b) shock all the stupid, deluded Democrats who supported him in '06 by failing to invoke a single Democrat who isn't already in his Black Book of Pure Islamofascistsymp Evil (infinitely more likely). Alas, his most likely response is, of course, (c): Mumble mumble mumble, I think it's premature to talk about this or that individual, we'll just have to wait and see, hey, that's a great tie.

But somebody should try to pin him down on this. The press has never challenged the narrative that he's the victim in this breakup, that we angry hippies threw his belongings out on the front lawn for no good reason and he just wants everything to be the way it was on the honeymoon, the poor guy. The rest of the Democratic Party and the country have come to terms with reality, and he hasn't -- that's the irreconcilable difference.

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