Friday, January 12, 2007

In the news today:

The U.S. Embassy in Athens came under fire early Friday from a rocket that exploded inside the modern glass-front building but caused no casualties in an attack police suspect was the work of Greek leftists....

Greece's Public Order Minister said police were examining the authenticity of anonymous phone calls to a private security company claiming responsibility on behalf of Revolutionary Struggle, a militant left-wing group.

"It is very likely that this is the work of a domestic group," Minister Vyron Polydoras said....

Shorter righty blogger Bill Quick:

It's just gonna kill me if this isn't the work of dirty filthy Ay-rabs.


After reading this, this, and this, I have to agree with the Greek public order minister -- it seems quite likely that this was an attack by a violent radical group of Greeks acting in the spirit of violent Greek leftist groups whose roots go back decades. In other words, nobody named Ahmed. Sorry, Bill.


UPDATE: As you'll see from my comments and his own, Mr. Quick was simply appalled at my use of the phrase "dirty filthy Ay-rabs." Mr. Quick would never use such a phrase -- never! Heaven forfend!

His preferred term of art is "Islamic barbarian savages," which, obviously, is much more polite.

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