Friday, January 26, 2007


If I correctly understand this little piece of wingnut animation (found here), the thesis is that Webb Hubbell was Chelsea Clinton's father.

... And yeah, I guess this notion has been kicking around since the '90s. (Warning: cheesy music starts up automatically at link.)

Pundits talk a lot about voters rejecting Hillary Clinton in '08 because voters won't want unsavory stories "dredged up." The truth is, we're big boys and girls -- we know all the stories and we've moved on. What we might not want "dredged up" is toxic waste like this. This time, though, our side is capable of shining a spotlight on the vermin who spread it; also, the mainstream press knows it can't pretend anymore that political messages spread in a "nontraditional" way are beneath them and thus not worthy of being acknowledged.

Still, it's going to be ugly -- and one of the reasons I half-want Hillary to win (despite deep fears that as president she'd regularly capitulate to the right) is that I don't want these people to succeed with a strategy of spreading poison about her and then saying we have to reject her at the polls because she's responsible for the poisonousness of the political atmosphere.

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