Thursday, January 11, 2007

The fact that Bush is trying to gin up a war with Iran and/or Syria is now obvious to anyone who's paying any attention at all.

I keep groping for a way to understand his mind. He's like a guy so drunk he can't get off his barstool without falling down who decides the only reasonable reaction to this state of affairs is to order a double. He wants to spread the war to other countries a la Vietnam precisely because he's been warned that Iraq is another Vietnam -- it's yet another case of his preadolescent-brat "whatever you warn me not to do is what I really want to do" style of governance. He thinks he's still in the oil bidness, and the only way he can stop losing money is to spend even more, in search of the big strike. He still -- still -- can't let go of the notion that if you just overthrow the right regime, or series of regimes (but no, not Saudi Arabia or Pakistan), all the apparent non-state actors who are trying to kill your people will just cease to exist.

I dunno. I throw up my hands.

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