Tuesday, January 30, 2007


154 votes cast (as I type this). Votes won by John McCain: zero.

I don't believe Free Republic is representative of the GOP as a whole, but I do think it's representative of one big bloc of Republican voters. So, yeah, I think McCain's in trouble.

(Though the big winners so far are Newt Gingrich and Duncan Hunter. I think one of those guys could be the "purist" choice in '08 -- analogous to Jerry Brown in '92 or Jesse Jackson in '88 or Ronald Reagan in '76.)


UPDATE: 525 votes now. McCain has a whopping 4. Well, at least he's on the board.


UPDATE: And as Tom notes in comments, McCain also did abysmally in a poll of right-wing bloggers conducted by Right Wing News. His support among red-meat Bush Republicans is nonexistent.

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