Sunday, January 28, 2007

As we learn from Richard Wolffe's Newsweek interview of Dick Cheney, being questioned sure is a lot easier when your interviewer saves you the trouble of reciting your own talking points.

Three of Wolffe's questions (emphasis mine):

There has been little open support from the Republican Party for the president's plan for extra troops in Iraq. Do you worry that the party has lost the stomach for the fight?


So you don't think Senator Hagel -- I know you dodged completely responding to his comments, but they're not helpful to the cause and to the mission?


Public opinion has this caricature of you as Darth Vader and various things. Do you think you get a fair crack from the media?

Thanks, Richard! Check's in the mail!

(Maybe that's harsh -- it's not a bad interview. But the talking points did seep into those questions.)

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