Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I found this at Free Republic today -- and I can't help thinking that, despite all the talk by prominent right-wingers about difficult struggles lasting years or decades, much of Bush's base thinks doesn't really understand why things couldn't go pretty much this way. Or, like the author, they're sure they know why events can't go this way: because of that damn political correctness, which is more powerful than even a straight-shootin' cowboy president backed by a grateful nation.

I do think the Bush rank-and-file still can't get their minds around the fact that failure in Iraq is even possible -- we're on God's side, for heaven's sake! And in the movies, when the good guys really decide to kick ass, nothing bad happens to the good guys after that -- only the bad guys suffer kicked asses! So this makes perfect sense:

The Speech President Bush Should Give On Wednesday Night About Iraq.

My Fellow Americans, I come to you tonight to address the war against Islamo Fascism and the battle of Iraq. But first as Chris Matthews and others on the left have been demanding I must admit a mistake. I have been fighting the war against Islamo Fascism for the past three years like Bill Clinton. This has been a major blunder on my part and I ask your forgiveness and please listen as I outline a plan to correct this problem.

Since the defeat of the Taliban and the ouster of the late Saddam Hussein I have fought this war like Dennis Kucinich and not like Ronald Reagan. Tonight begins the course correction so long demanded.

From this point forward the war against Islamo Fascism no matter if it is in Iraq, Northern Africa, the Phillipines, New York City or Knoxville, Tennessee will be total, no surrender, no political correctness no UN pandering or plunder. We will use all the forces of the United States of America to destroy the scurge of Islamo Fascism and liberate not only a dying Europe but the Arab people as well.

I'm asking not for a 30,000 troop increase in Iraq but a 500,000 man increase in the American military. By the end of April I want another 500,000 men under arms and being trained for deployment where ever the Islamists are. As we have recently done in Somalia we will destroy them with whatever weapons are needed. I'm putting Congressman Rangel in charge of the draft board needed to obtain these forces either through volunteers or draft.

We will begin bombing the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan in a carpet bombing manner. I'm giving 24 hour notice for anyone living within fifteen miles of the border on either side to evacuate. Then bombing will begin and anyone in that zone after the bombing stops will be killed.

We will seal off the Syrian/Iraq border and the Iran/Iraq border with our troops and again we will bomb the border for three days and anyone in the area after that period will be killed.

We will begin to support overtly the opposition to the Islamo Fascists in Iran. We will fund and support by all means possible the student and intellectual opposition to the tenth century thinking mullahs. If Iran launches one test of a nuclear weapon of any kind the President and head Mullah of Iran will be killed. If they are replaced and another test is made those who follow in those offices will be killed.

If North Korea launches another nuclear weapon test Kim will be killed and all of his palaces will be destroyed while we begin the dropping of American food in all other parts of the country.

In Iraq we will begin the occupation of Baghdad and Anbar Province. Al Sadr's militia has twenty four hours to lay down their weapons and turn over Sadr for trial on murder charges. If not the entire slum of Sadr City will be destroyed. The Sunni Triangle has twenty four hours to turn in all weapons and Al Qaeda operatives or the entire Sunni Triangle region will be destroyed.

If you want examples of the type of warfare I'm now talking about look at photos of Germany and Japan circa 1945.

We will also withdraw all financial support to the UN until it removes all member nations who support or are lead by dictatorships. We will not be hamstrung any longer by a meeting of thugs and socialists in our own country.

More details to come in the days ahead but the above operations will begin immediately. Let's Roll and God Bless America.

There ya go -- a cakewalk. It can still happen.

(And I love the "Let's Roll" at the end. In Bushworld, it's always spring 2003 or fall 2001.)

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