Monday, October 31, 2005


On the right side of the Internet, there's a strikingly broad range of opinions on the Alito nomination:

I think that at this moment, many, many conservatives, confident that the American people want judges to be judges, and not legislators, are stretching, flexing their muscles, and pounding the chest, whispering menacingly, "Bring. It. On."

--Jim Geraghty at National Review Online

If, as expected, the Kennedy-led, mindless-Reid cabal is intent on all out war pitting the Left against the Right, then bring it on.

--BAH at A Certain Slant of Light

If there is going to be a battle between liberals and conservatives, it'll happen now. Bring it on.

--Bob Mendenall at Bob Blog!

But if it’s a fight for what’s right, I say, bring it on.


The Demos are making noises about a filibuster. Bring it on.

--Daisy Cutter

Bring it on Schummer, Kennedy and Biden.

--Dick McDonald at The Right Scale

Bring it on.

--Bill Nienhuis at PunditGuy


Mike B. at useless! worthless! insipid!


--marc at Hubs and Spokes

It's War

Bring it on, libs.

--thoughtomator at thoughtomation

Bring it on liberals!!!

--Jim Wickre

It's Time For The Left To Bring It On

--Richard at Hyscience

And to the Left -- Bring it on!

--Mark Jakubik at Legal Right

And Democrats ... Bring.  It.  On. 

--Mike's Noise

In John Kerry's own words, "Bring It On!"

--Blanton at

In the words of President Bush….Bring It On!

--Don from Lake Ronkonkoma at Mark Levin Fan

To quote our Commander-in-Chief: "Bring it on."

--Alex, commenting at Political Aurora

Now I'm pumped up. Bring. It. On!

--jkelly at Irish Pennants

Time To Begin Taking It Back, So Bring It On...

--Fits at Shooting the Messenger

I say, "Bring it on, lefties!"

--Jay Anderson at Pro Ecclesia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate

Bring it on! I'm making popcorn.

--Dan Burrell at Whirled Views

I say bring it on, this fights overdo.....long overdo

-- Traderrob at OpiniPundit

I mean, ever since the wussy Miers nomination we've all been itching for a fight with those baby-killin', sodomizin' lefties.

Bring it on.

--usmcgunny68 at The List of Sicilian Messinger

El nuevo lema de la derecha es:


--Issidro Beccar at Argepundit ("Este es un blog de dos argentinos expatriados ... desde una perspectiva conservadora y católica")

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