Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A new George Washington University Battleground poll has news that's good, but not good enough:

...On the overall political environment, the generic Congressional ballot stands at 46% for the Democratic Party and 41% for the Republican Party....

On a series of name identification questions, the President (46%-53%), Republicans in Congress (44%-47%), the Republican Party (45%-49%), and Tom Delay (21%-46%) all have favorable/unfavorable scores that are net negative. In addition, the job approval score for the President stands at 44% approve and 54% disapprove. However, the personal approval score for the President stands at 61% approve and 31% disapprove, indicating that President Bush does have some goodwill remaining with voters to rebuild his image and performance ratings. In contrast, the Democrats in Congress (47%-42%) and the Democratic Party (48%-45%) both enjoy favorable/unfavorable scores that are net positive....

(Emphasis mine.)

People still like this guy -- this testy, spiteful, narrow-minded, ill-informed narcissist with a history of making colossally poor judgments. The numbers suggest that even people who voted against him twice like him.

We've all heard what the Democrats need to do to get back on top: Have a positive agenda. Do better framing. Move to the left. Move to the center. Well, let me add a recommendation: The Democrats need to tarnish this guy's image as a person. You'd think that would be ridiculously easy, but even now it hasn't happened.

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