Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Intelligent design isn't "stealth creationism"...

Intelligent design needs to be distinguished from creation science, or scientific creationism. The most obvious difference is that scientific creationism has prior religious commitments whereas intelligent design does not.

--ID advocate William Dembski

When Bertha Spahr opened the box containing Dover Area High School’s donated copies of "Of Pandas and People" last year, she also found inside a catalogue from the publishing company listing the pro-intelligent design textbook under the heading of creation science.

--York (Pa.) Daily Record


(No surprise, really. Jon Buell, publisher of Of Pandas and People, has acknowledged that passages in the 1993 edition essentially match drafts of the 1983 edition except for the fact that in 1993 "intelligent design" was used instead of "creation." And here's a 1983 article by Buell and one of the textbook's authors, Charles Thaxton, at; the article is titled, "Why All the Fuss About Creation and Evolution?" and includes this sentence: "That's why Christians - in fact all theists - must insist that whenever origins are discussed, public schools allow the teaching of the evidence for creation alongside instruction in the naturalistic concept of evolution.")

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