Friday, October 28, 2005

I know only Plamegate stories are allowed in the blogosphere right now, but this caught my eye:

Births to Unmarried U.S. Women Set Record

Nearly 1.5 million babies, a record, were born to unmarried women in the United States last year, the government reported Friday....

There were 1,470,152 babies born to single women in 2004, 35.7 percent of all births in the country, NCHS said. That was up from 1,415,995 a year earlier....

The oral-sex-free aura of moral goodness emanating from God's Own President in the White House doesn't seem to be reaching the populace. Baffling.

(The study is from the National Center for Health Statistics. You might want to take a look at this chart from NCHS. Notice that the percentage of U.S. births that were out of wedlock stayed pretty close to a plateau during the Clinton years, rising only slightly. The rate of increase has picked up since Bush took office. But a real increase seemed to take place from 1980 through the early '90s -- the Ronald Reagan/Poppy Bush years.)

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