Thursday, October 27, 2005

News from upstate New York:

KINGSTON - Police are investigating the distribution of laminated cards bearing swastikas that were left on cars and driveways at several Kingston school district building in an apparent effort to promote a white supremacist and anti-Semitic Web site.

Superintendent of Schools Gerard Gretzinger said the cards - measuring a little over 3 by 4 inches - have been left in front of both Kingston High School and district elementary schools....

The cards include a Web site address for Vanguard News Network....

I bring this up only because I couldn't resist wandering over to the site, and, bizarrely, there are movie reviews -- dozens of them. Want to read a racialist take on Death to Smoochy? Here you go:

"Death to Smoochy" gives us a "what if" scenario, based loosely on the scandal that caused Jew pervert Paul Reubenfeld [aka Pee-Wee Herman] to fall from grace.... The film is full of brain-spinning visuals, punchy one-liners and the kind of morbid humor we've come to expect from DeVito, who, although married to Jewess Rhea Perlman, is not a Jew.


(David Duke used to post movie reviews just like this at -- they're gone now, alas. Years ago you might have seen excerpts of his McHale's Navy review in the Readings section of Harper's.)


I was going to say that as much as I complain about modern Republicans, the true racists are in a different league altogether -- but then I read this:

"Africans will have sex with anything that has a pulse," says GOP candidate for Virginia House of Delegates

Charming. What is wrong with these people? (And it says here that this candidate is also a youth pastor.)

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