Thursday, October 20, 2005

The FCC smites a Massachusetts high school radio station, in the name of Jesus:

Today's lesson: Don't cross Christian broadcasting.
Maynard High School's radio frequency, 91.7 FM, is being seized by a network of Christian broadcasting stations that the Federal Communications Commission has ruled is a better use of the public airwaves.

"People are furious,'' said faculty adviser Joe Magno.

Maynard High's WAVM, which has been broadcasting from the school for 35 years, found itself in this David vs. Goliath battle when it applied to increase its transmitter signal from 10 to 250 watts.

According to Magno, that "opens the floodgates for any other station to challenge the station's license and take its frequency.'' ...

--Boston Herald

Is it common for the FCC to just yank a license from a 35-year-old station that's done nothing wrong? And Maynard, I would imagine, would already be able to pick up WEZE ("New England's Christian Radio") from Boston and/or one or more of these Christian stations. Why the need for a switch? This strikes me as obnoxious.

(Via Fiat Lux.)

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