Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Please, people: keep your pants on.

Far too many bloggers and blog readers seem almost certain that Patrick Fitzgerald is going to bring deliverance soon with one swoop of his mighty indictment sword.

Yeah, yeah, I know -- it looks as if Cheney lied about what he knew of Valerie Wilson and when he knew it. But, folks, at least consider the possibility that Cheney might not be brought down by all this, and that Rove might not. Please consider the possibility that this might not make the Bush administration come crashing down. Please stop talking about "Fitzmas," or the chances of 22 indictments.

However tenacious Fitzgerald is, I have to believe he'd think long and hard before indicting a sitting vice president. I think he'll let Cheney walk. And if he doesn't indict Rove either, I think this administration has its starting lineup back.

And remember that the Democrats still aren't impressing the American people. (Greens and others who are now muttering, "Screw the Democrats -- what's going to save this country is a progressive third party": Yeah, and so? What have you been doing to fill the huge void in our politics? Feel free to step up anytime and show us why the American public will soon turn to you to get us out of this mess.)

Even if Fitzmas does come, I recall that we went from Watergate to Reagan in an eyeblink. The march of Republicanism was halted only temporarily. I'm still looking for a sign that the Americans who have warmed to Reagan-Limbaugh-Gingrich-Bushism are ready to flee in droves. I still think the typical heterosexual white male megachurch attendee in the South would as soon have gay sex in the town square as register with the Democratic Party. I still think most blue-collar workers think Democrats are snooty Chablis-drinkers who don't care how a working person gets by. When does that change?

Not on Fitzmas, assuming Fitzmas ever comes.

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