Thursday, October 27, 2005


Right-wing pressure groups tell Bush what to do. He does it.

As LBJ might have said, right-wing pressure groups have Bush's pecker in their pocket.

Bush isn't the president. Bush is a clerk who thought he was the president. Bush is allowed to act like the president only so long as he does what he's expected to do by the real presidents -- pressure groups. plutocrats, Cheney and his ideological soul mates.

Usually Bush is eager to play along. This time he got out of line. He failed the pressure groups' litmus test. People like Phyllis Schlafly and David Frum didn't have to take that, so they gave him a good spanking.

He'll know better next time.


So is there any significance in the timing of this? Is he planning to announce a replacemenmt tomorrow, to blunt the impact of whatever Patrick Fitzgerald might do?


UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg reminds Bush that he could be spanked again:

That is my only advice to Bush right now. No Gonzales, a thousand times no Gonzales.

From Goldberg, maybe, this is advice. The rest of the pressure-group community has already made it clear that it's a direct order, and Bush up to now has dutifully obeyed it.

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