Saturday, October 22, 2005


Yes, it's rather disturbing that there's a new musical act made up of pubescent blond neo-Nazi twins who vaguely resemble the Olsen Twins, as ABC reported a couple of nights ago, but trust me: they suck. Their songs are staggeringly boring and they can't sing on key (or even in harmony, which is what sibling acts are usually best at). The one who plays guitar can't play, and the other one doesn't play an instrument at all. Imagine the Shaggs without the rhythmic intricacy. Singing about Rudolph Hess. In matching Hitler smiley-face tees. Trust me, your kids will not glom onto this. Ever. Except maybe as a sick joke. If you saw the ABC report, you already know this (alas, the link above doesn't provide a video stream). If you need proof, go here and give a listen (the girls come in just before 9:00). Agonizing.

Yes, their parents and their parents' friends are the scum of the earth. But this stuff is way out on the margins, and it's going to stay there.

(I actually think the militancy of the anti-liberal, anti-abortion, anti-gay "mainstream" right -- i.e., the modern GOP and its allies -- has sucked the life out of the white pride movement, which has never seemed more toothless. Hating "Hitlery" is just as satisfying as hating the people Hitler hated, but it's respectable.)

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