Wednesday, July 21, 2004

What an astonishing coincidence: Just as the 9/11 Commission report is about to be released and the Democratic convention is about to get under way, nuclear warheads have allegedly been found in Iraq! Or at least they have according to UPI/The Washington Times and New York talk radio station WMCA.

The source of the report is the U.S.-funded Iraqi newspaper Al-Sabah; here's an AP story from May about the paper: "The head of a U.S.-funded Iraqi newspaper quit and said Monday that he was taking almost his entire staff with him because of American interference in the publication."

If you were trying to make up the perfect So there! story to vindicate the Bush administration, you couldn't do much better than this (from The WashTimes/UPI):

"The three missiles were discovered by chance when the Iraqi security forces captured former Baath party official Khoder al-Douri who revealed during interrogation the location of the missiles saying they carried nuclear heads," the sources said.

They pointed out that the missiles were actually discovered in the trenches lying under six meters of concrete and designed in a way to unable sophisticated sensors from discovering nuclear radiation....

Foreign Minister Hoshiar Zibari made a surprise request recently to Mohammed el-Baradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, to resume inspections for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Good work by Iraqi security! Success from interrogations that probably included torture! Weapons buried so it was really, really hard to find them! And they're nukes! Get the UN weasels in here for a spanking!

Please note, however, this surprisingly frank concession from the story on the talk radio site:

The Iraq Interior Minister called the story "stupid"....

Stay tuned....

(UPDATE: Here's the "stupid" quote, courtesy of Reuters.)

(UPDATE: Big surprise -- it's a false alarm.)

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