Thursday, July 22, 2004

In a cover story in this week's Village Voice, Rick Perlstein tries to grasp the nature of Bush love.

Perlstein's article is amusing enough -- but I question his method, which is asking Bush-lovers why their admiration for him is so great. This implies that their feelings can be explained -- that they can be rendered coherent to someone who's not of like mind.

I'm not sure that's possible. It certainly doesn't seem that way when I read this thread at Free Republic, in which a conservative whose nom du screen is "I got the rope" provides a link to video of the Paul Johnson beheading. Here's IGTR's gloss on that subject:

Paul Johnson Beheading Video (Graphic)

I know everyone is fixated on the Sand Burgler right now, but I just want to remind everyone why the Democrats are so dangerous.

They empower our enemies any chance they can get. They continue to put themselves before their country or their countrymen. Clinton is a disgrace, Berger is a disgrace, and yes...John Kerry is a digrace.

IGTR posts the first message in his own thread:

I have no use for Godless, hedonistic, baby-killing Democrats.

Want an explanation of Bush love? There's your explanation. Bush is the antithesis of the Democrats -- and Democrats are responsible for all evil in the world. Terrorists behead an American, on Bush's watch, presumably in response to Bush policies -- and it's the Democrats' fault.

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