Friday, July 23, 2004

Did anyone else spot this USA Today/AP story yesterday?

U.S. Marines have pulled out of a Taliban stronghold in southern Afghanistan after killing more than 100 enemy fighters, their commander said Thursday.

The 2,000-strong force, which lost just one Marine, has withdrawn to an American air base in the southern city of Kandahar and is preparing to leave the country, Col. Frank McKenzie said. That withdrawal had already been announced.

The Marines were returning to American warships "to await further orders," military spokesman Maj. Rick Peat said. He said there were no indications that the Marines would be redeployed in Iraq but said he didn't know where the ships were....

I'm going way out on a limb here: You don't suppose the Bushies are planning to steal Kerry's thunder on Monday by announcing the death or capture of some major Al Qaeda or Taliban honchos, do you?

You know they're going to try to do something to steal his thunder next week. The Bush people are rather addicted to thunder-stealing, in an infantile way.

Well, good for them if they finally bagged someone genuinely dangerous to Americans, even if the Bushies' first thought in the event of such an occurrence is using it to screw Democrats.

And if not, then I guess it's just more Marines being forced to leave important work unfinished to go fight in Bush's Quagmire of Choice.

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