Thursday, July 08, 2004

From WorldNetDaily:

Hillary's cursing 'would make Howard Stern blush'

Hillary Clinton, who recently urged Dick Cheney to get anger-management help after the VP unleashed a rare, F-word-studded rebuke on Sen. Pat Leahy, curses in a way that "would make Howard Stern blush," claims a new book on the former first lady.

"American Evita," a new biography of Hillary Clinton by Christopher Anderson and published by William Morrow, reveals a sharp tongue and ready foul mouth, according to a report in the New York Post....

A few examples from Anderson's book of, well, unpresidential language from both Bill and Hillary Clinton, according to the report:

* On inauguration morning, Hillary was running late, and the president-elect was heard to mutter, "That f---ing bitch."

* When Hillary slid into the car next to her husband, she addressed the new president by saying, "You stupid motherf---er!"

* When Bill finally fessed up about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, which Hillary says in her book "Living History" made her feel like she been punched in the stomach, her actual reaction, says Andersen, was to yell, "You stupid, stupid, stupid bastard!" – and then slapped him in the face....

OK -- one of those wasn't even Hillary. But "Bastard"! "Motherf---er"! Whoa!

Assuming Anderson has transcribed these remarks accurately, would they, in fact, make Howard Stern blush?

Let's go to this Stern radio transcript:

HS: Well, a blumpkin is receiving oral sex while you're sitting on a toilet bowl if you are a man. You're sitting on a toilet bowl and uh, while you're evacuating you receive your oral.

I think we have our answer.

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