Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The inspector general of the Archives began an investigation last October and turned it over to the FBI in January....

...Breuer said FBI agents have not interviewed Berger, although he has offered to cooperate.

--Washington Post

The haters who pursued Clinton for eight years worked and worked and worked, patiently trying to build a case that could destroy him. The resentment addicts of the Nixon White House schemed and plotted to trip up enemies. Both would have been delighted to be the beneficiaries of an unforced Democrat error like Sandy Berger's mishandling of classified documents.

But it's unimaginable that the Clinton haters would have sat on a story like this for months and months, waiting to detonate it at just the right moment. It's equally hard to believe that Nixon and his men could have sat tight under the same circumstances.

For cold-bloodedness like that, Bush and Rove and Ashcroft and the gang outdo the nastiest D.C. political operatives of our lifetime.

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