Saturday, July 10, 2004

Despite insults from the GOP and the so-called liberal media ("Cute, Sure, but Is He Electable?"), Edwards has given Kerry a bit of a bump in a couple of polls:


U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry got a boost in the polls after picking Sen. John Edwards as his running mate and would beat President Bush if the election was held now, according to a new Newsweek poll.

The Kerry-Edwards ticket is leading Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney by a margin of six percentage points, 51 percent to 45 percent, the poll said....


Senator Kerry now leads President Bush in the Rasmussen Reports Presidential Tracking Poll, 49% to 45%. Today's results reflect a five-point net gain for the Democrats since John Edwards was named as Kerry's running mate. In our last survey before the announcement, President Bush had a one-point edge, 47% to 46%.

Today is the first time since Kerry wrapped up the nomination that either candidate topped the 48% mark in our daily Tracking Poll. Prior to today, both candidates had stayed within three points of the 45% mark on every single night of polling for more than 120 days....

Our latest Electoral College projections show Kerry leading Bush 247-203....

Nice. And here's a bonus from Rasmussen:

While Republicans are presenting Kerry and Edwards as the most liberal ticket ever, a majority of Americans say that John Edwards is a political moderate. Edwards is also viewed more favorably than the man he hopes to replace, Dick Cheney.

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