Thursday, July 08, 2004

So Bush wants the Pakistanis to get bin Laden and other high-value al-Qaeda targets before the election, preferably during the Democratic convention, according to The New Republic.

Is this a huge surprise? It's election time. For the Bush team, the world is one big ward; if you got goodies from the machine candidate this term, and are hoping for more if he gets reelected, you owe.

The Pakistanis got a free pass on A. Q. Khan's nuclear program from the U.S., and the TNR article says they won't get F-16s if they don't nab some al-Qaeda guys in a timely fashion. So of course they owe, big time.

Nothing is beyond politics to Bush right now. We know he doesn't even think Jesus is sacred -- hey, Baptists, you like the partial-birth law? You want Chief Justice Thomas? Give up the church rosters, pronto, and no whining. Same deal with the Catholics -- hey, why aren't all the American bishops with the campaign?

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