Friday, July 30, 2004


Lucianne Goldberg collects the finest, most substantial comments on Kerry's speech from an all-star team of thoughtful, Burkean conservatives:

"He is a deeply unlikable guy: arrogant, dull, pompous, mannered, self-righteous" Andrew Sullivan.

"Howard Dean with medals" - John Podhoretz

... pedestrian address, uninspiring, cliched, and humorless" - Jeff Jacoby

"Kerry, the sultan of Yada.... said absolutely zilch of substance" - Andrea Peyser

"The man has more facets than a disco ball" - Jonah Goldberg

"John Kerry once administered CPR to a hamster. This was one of the poignant vignettes we learned tonight from one of his daughters. Is there some gerbil-loving swing demographic out there we are trying to connect with?" - Barbara Comstock

"What did this man do as an adult? Kerry's biography ends at 24" - Dick Morris

"This isn't your father's JFK" - Jed Babbin

Look! Over there! Michael Moore! He's so hate-filled!

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